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Toad Talk: What Life and Stuff Is: An exploration in thinking simply and


TOAD TALK is an allegory to serve as a sort of philosophical rehabilitation for young and old alike. This little book attempts to illustrate how we all take certain ideas for granted and mold them into realities which shape our beliefs. Each culture enjoys it’s very own reality and billions of Earth’s inhabitants sculpt their own as well. Old Mr. Toad lives in the reality of Nature, the very first reality, and the reality which will remain long after those billions of second realities have become extinct…after humankind has passed on to the heaven which supposedly and hopefully awaits them. Read more

About William Harger

William Harger spent his early years as an aeronautical engineer. After his tenure as an inventor in an IBM think tank he moved into the wilderness of Northern California where he pursued his first love…poetry. He cofounded the National Environmental Education Development at Whiskeytown Lake in Shasta County, California, which continues to enlighten 5th and 6th graders after more than 40 years. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

The word “is” in the title of this work is the operative word. “Is” refers to reality in a very real sense. Read more

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