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About William Harger

William Harger spent his early years as an aeronautical engineer. After his tenure as an inventor in an IBM think tank he moved into the wilderness of Northern California where he pursued his first love…poetry. He cofounded the National Environmental Education Development at Whiskeytown Lake in Shasta County, California, which continues to enlighten 5th and 6th graders after more than 40 years. He attained his Master of Arts degree in the Social Sciences at 53 years of age and went on to teach Environmental Ethics, Sociology, Human Integration, and Creative Expression for nearly 20 more years at colleges in Northern California. Bill has long been interested in conflicting realities both between cultures and individuals. What is really “real” and how does this affect relationships, both personal and social? Although he has toyed with these conflicts in three previous nationally published books of poetry, Toad Talk is his first tome dedicated solely to an exploration of ontology…the quest for what is real. Bill is married and lives “beyond the grid” on his ninety acre ranch with his dog and cat where he writes, gardens, and creates “water things.” To become better acquainted with his environs see his website at